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Kimberlee and Greg Chaney


My Story

My Scentsy story? My WHY? ....... It's actually very simple :-)  I joined October 2008 after seeing it at a craft show. I wanted a few extra dollars & a "hobby". Something fun to do! I love candles, seen the fun potential Scentsy had & joined right away! Little did I know how well it would take off for me!   I didn't even own a warmer before I joined! My first warmer was in my start up kit! My favorite thing about Scentsy is there are no flames, making is safe for my home, my kids and our health, with no flame, no smoke, no soot, GENIUS!!  I continue to sell Scentsy becuase it is so simple, it sells itself!  I earned several incentive awards at the beginning, Promoted to Director within 5 months of joining, then promoted to Star Director a year after. This "Hobby" has completely changed our lives & we are excited to see what opportunity Scentsy can bring you! I am a very shy person, it's not easy for me to meet people. Scentsy has helped me out of my shell and meet some amazing friends. I have met my best friends through Scentsy! My husband and I have been able to travel to places, we have never dreamed of going. This company has been a huge blessing to me & my family, we can't imagine life without it!  If you would like to know more about Scentsy either to buy, host or Join. I would love to help you! Email me at !!

What's warming in my home